Since 1995 Supreme Products Development has been selling the most extensive variety of services, premium products and raw materials from international main suppliers for a globalized market, which gets more sophisticated each day.  The company is based on the original idea of Gaston Solarz, who has extensive experience in the stationery products markets and papershop industries.

On early May 95' the first international  representation exclusively agreement was signed ,  for  distribution in the  Argentina Republic the biggest worldwide manufaturer of ring metal  mechanisms with 5 factories stablished all over the world,with an agreement  for buying 1.000.000 pcs in  a period of 12 consecutives months, in those days it was such ambitious.

Nowadays Supreme ® commercialize with customers in Argentina and customers and distributors  established in Brazil ,Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile, products as PVC  sheet for  heat selling  and sewing from Nan-Ya Plastics  &  C.G.P.C.(Taiwan-R.O.C.);  P.P.SHEETS .(Polipropilen) with  Crown treatment for printing : Vinyl papers for Stationery products ; Rivets & self drilling Eyelets and a wide range of machinery from U.S.A, HONG KONG, TAIWAN, CHINA & BRAZIL, for the Printing  and Stationery  industries  specialized in the production and distribution of office & stationery products, such as Notebooks, Ring binders, Agendas & Organizers, Lever Arch files , Software Manuals , etc.

Supreme means the highest. We reach this goal, which is our “ leit motiv “ by choosing only the best national and imported raw materials. Our office environment is pleasant & warm with innovative and powerful people in all aspects of our organization. Each one of our customers receives personalized attention. Our suppliers extensively search and investigate the development of our products and our markets,getting the most competitive cost from worldwide sources in order to offer to our customers all over the world the most competitive advantages “ in to the new millenium”

With the cooperation of our suppliers, we are constantly striving, in all aspects of our business, to preserve the earth's natural resources.

Where are we going ?

The satisfaction of our customers is reinforced with  the continuous search for new products  ,from  different international  sources in order to extend our product offering.  We continue to suport our extensive range of customers  with new opportunities and  technical assistance .

We are offering new services  in our international business with  promotional and advertising support   in specialized magazines and on the web.  Our  goal is  to insert the Supreme family  in new markets , with emphasis  in  Spanish speaking countries, like Mexico, Colombia & Spain.

Raw materials & Machinery  
  • Ring binders  mechanisms to produce ring binders, agendas & organizers, lever arch files, etc..


  • Calendered PVC Sheet  from CHINA GENERAL PLASTICS® AND NAN YA PLASTICS®  ( TAIWAN)  for  electronic heat selling  and for production of office binders , agendas and school binders, photo albums , inflatable products...etc


  • Skin PU Leather  with and without textil baking  for sewing to produce  notebooks, agendas &  organizers .


  • PVC rigid sheet Nan Ya Plastics®( Taiwan) in diferents softness  and thickness for producing  presentation files, contents  separators , plastics rulers & Blister


  • P.P. sheets  for termical  welding for manufacturing attache cases, briefcases,PP files, separators etc.


  • Hook & Loop , similar to Velcro® from Hong Kong  for sewing and self-adhesive for pvc products.


  • American Mylar® for termical plastified phone index , contents separators and  divisors for files, agendas & organizers.


  • Iron autodrilling Eyelets and Rivets , colourized and nickel plated ; Metal edges  , Finger rings and Rados corner protectors   from Huen Chen® -Taiwan-R.O.C.
  • Machinerys such a ,cardboard and PP  Creasing machines  for 2 or multiple lines, Cardboard corner hydraulic cuting machine ,Hydraulic Cutting machines up to 54 “width ;   Vynil  cuting & slitting  machines up to 55”width, Riveting and Eyeleting machines for riveting f plastics  and cardboards files as well as Lever Arch files  ,Drilling Machines for Agendas Refiles, etc


  • Machines to plastified phone index and separators with Mylar ®  and  to put reinforcement in  the multiples perforations of sheets and separators for the binders industries

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